Bill Berg's Life Changing Moments as One Soldier in Arnie's Army

by Cindi SutterFounder of The Spirited Table® and Bill Berg, Lifetime PGA Professional 

For me it all began in 1993. My husband and I temporarily moved to Sarasota, Florida for a one-year work related job. The de-icing on the cake was, we escaped a winter in Minnesota. The cherry on top was we learned how to play golf from Bill Berg and formed a friendship with he and his wife Michelle, that has stood several major moves, countless adjustments to our golf swings, and literally hundreds of rounds of golf. 

Bill's PGA Professional story, like so many others, began with a round of golf where he actually beat Arnold Palmer and Miller Barber's score that day. But the most important part of the round was the seed Arnie planted that gave birth to Bill's infectious appetite for passing on the aura of golf; the swing, the honor, the integrity that surrounds this game we love. And yes, his first words to me during my first lesson were; "If you don't take the time to practice, this isn't going to work." And so I did...


"It all began in 1971 at Cedar Creek golf course in Leo, Indiana where I had the honor of playing with Arnold Palmer and Miller Barber. After 16 holes of golf we headed into the last two holes at even par and at the end of 18, I beat them by one stroke." - Bill Berg

"Whenever we played together it was always Arnie's Army and Berg's Parade. Arnold gave me good advise, that is now renown; he looked me in the eyes and said, "Bill when you sign a score card make sure that your fans can read your signature and they will remember you." He also told me that I was the best wood hitter he had ever played with. Wow, what a compliment coming from The King of golf." 

"Arnold Palmer was not only a friend but someone who made me laugh. More importantly he always remembered his fans. He encouraged people to live a fuller life. He mastered that touch throughout his career off and on the golf course."
Love you Buddy,
Lifetime PGA Golf Professional,
Bill Berg

Arnold Palmer and Bill Berg Legacy Golf Course, Lakewood Ranch

Arnold Palmer and Bill Berg Legacy Golf Course, Lakewood Ranch

And so Bill began to pass on that amazing golf swing of his to me and so many more. On October 15, 2016 at The Ridges Golf Club in Hayesville, NC, dropped into the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Bill Berg Invitational is born. NCAA Division I Women's Golf Tournament is honoring Bill's legacy with teams traveling from around the region to be compete. 

And that's what Bill does, he not only transforms your swing, he passes along a smile as big as Arnies' and promotes the game whenever and however possible. 

The King lives on through his legion of Arnie's Army