Pumpkin Panache

by Zehorit Heilicher, Tastemaker in Residence

So, you got the pumpkins, the carving knives and some eager, wide-eyed kids staring at you with expectant eyes – Carving Time!! Now, you may be a pro at this and have your own tool set, personalized patterns and a few secret tricks up your sleeve, but I have a feeling you are not in the majority…

Most of us look at this large, hard-shelled orange orb and think: I’m supposed to do what with this skinny little cutesy knife?? Well, have no fear – Internet to the rescue! We have got you covered with web resources from the simplest to the complex. Whether you want to tackle carving that glowing detailed witchy face, or a simple Jack O’ Lantern – you will find it here: videos, stencils, instructions and more (even a few recipes in the bunch!!).

Happy Halloween!

From The Simple to the Complex:

  1. Pumpkin Lady
  2. DIY Network
  3. HGTV
  4. Better Homes& Gardens
  5. Extreme Pumpkins
  6. Real Simple
  7. Leftover Pumpkins #1
  8. Leftover Pumpkins #2
  9. Leftover Pumpkins #3