Costa Rican Vacation Bliss - Day 1 (cont)

by Cindi SutterFounder of The Spirited Table®

You’ve figured out I’ve obviously adjusted to the rich Costa Rican heritage of a slower pace, since you haven’t heard from me since the morning of day 1 of my adventure.

So now I’ll take you into the sunset of Day 1.

A tribe = a community of like minded people. There are 8 of us traveling together, a tribe, and we’ve encountered the tribes of Costa Rican people, guides, restaurants, beaches and more that represent this rich country of very diverse, but like minded people.

Costa Rica provides a rich backdrop for many things I love to do.

Born in Corpus Christi, Texas I’m a beach and surf baby at heart. So if you’re planted on a beach, here’s a blissful, simple life equation. Find your favorite viewing spot… lounge on the beach… read, sleep, or my personal favorite dream away the day. Then when your body temperature is up…run to the water fast enough so the black sand doesn’t burn your feet…then spend as long as you like trying to catch a wave and body surf your way into Vacation Bliss.

The rest of the sun drenched day 1 that’s pretty much all I did…until dinner.