Summer's Sunset

by Cindi SutterFounder of The Spirited Table®

This summer party was like the extraordinary icing on the cookie seen below; beautiful and sweet, leaving you with thoughts about the next time you were all together. 

The perfect sunset to summer. 

Each moment was filled with extra touches that completely embraced the setting. The outdoor bar offered a special treat of fresh made bootlegs with mint. The clear tent that covered our dining experience enabled us to enjoy every drop of this perfect Minnesota summer night. 

I’m sorry to say I was having so much fun I didn’t take photos of all the food on my plate, but of course I captured the florals and dessert!

Our hosts toasted us with a very thankful heart and stories about the friends that had gathered year after year; laughter filled the air and bounced off Lake Minnetonka. 

Let these mid-summer night dreams keep you warm until next year…