Supplemental Draft Supplies Second Chance for Sundays’ Someday Stars: Also, Savor a Seattle Dog

by Derek Holser, Tastemaker in Residence

Ok, so I love alliteration. Sue me. No wait, don’t. As an attorney, I can tell you firsthand that lawsuits are miserable.

Speaking of lawsuits, The National Football League (NFL), much beleaguered of late, remains far and away the most popular professional sport in America. In spite of its seemingly disproportionate number of criminal arrests for all manner of illegality, ranging from drug possession to domestic violence, the attendance for NFL games and the TV ratings for its playoffs continue to soar. 

As a brief detour, this article gives an interesting perspective on the rate of criminal activity among the NFL players. Read here: NFL arrests

Whether the illegal behavior of NFL players seems out of control because of the intense and pervasive media cycle of modern life, or if there is truly an epidemic of thuggish miscreants the likes of Tammany Hall is not for me to decide. Regardless, there are still thousands of extraordinary athletes who work with devotion and intensity to compete at the highest level, without breaking the law. And that, dear reader, is the focus of this post.

As a coach of several sports over the past twenty  years, I understand the discipline and natural ability necessary to reach the pinnacle. And I know that for every player yelling “Hi Mom!” into the TV camera to an audience of millions, there are hundreds of similarly talented players who just didn’t quite make the cut. 

And that’s where the Supplemental Draft comes in. The supplemental draft allows college players who weren’t eligible or didn’t apply for the regular NFL draft one more shot at being selected to join a team. 

Over the years, some legendary players have been chosen in the Supplemental Draft, including Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Cris Carter.  A true redemption story, Carter was beset with drug and alcohol addiction and was eventually cut by the team that drafted him in the Supplemental – the Philadelphia Eagles. The Minnesota Vikings gave him a second chance and he went on to have a prolific career. One of the greatest of all time! Media - Chris Carter

Here’s more on his incredible life and the story of God’s redemptive work in his life. 

With the 4th of July in our rearview mirror, and America’s Game (it’s not baseball anymore) about to start pre-season games in a month, what could be more American than to support the underdogs praying for a second chance? That’s right, the NFL Supplemental Draft is a true reality show that could mean redemption, rags-to-riches, reward of sacrifice and discipline…all those things that make America great. 

You know what else makes America great? Hot Dogs. So, while you get your crew together to watch the Supplemental Draft and see a young man’s destiny altered by the calling of his name, get some grub and make it a party. 

Here’s a favorite sports watching food from my wife’s hometown. As a lifelong season ticket holder, she and her family have chowed down on hundreds of these, and never been disappointed. It’s called a Seattle Dog, and it’s a bratwurst on a toasted bun, with cream cheese (yes?!?), grilled onions and mustard. 

Here’s to second chances, great athletes, and America. Enjoy your Seattle Dog!