Celebrate the Lollipop

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence

Lollipop #1

Gerber Daisies - fresh or permanent


  1. Cut stems off of lollipops then glue lollipop candy into center of fresh or permanent botanical flowers. (Hot glue dries fast)

Lollipop #2

Flowers of your choice - in this design; fresh green carnations and permanent daisies, butterflies on a wire stem. 
4 ½” wet foam sphere or Styrofoam
Wet foam(Oasis) for use with fresh flowers. Use styrofoam for permanent botanicals


  1. Wet the foam, place in a decorative container with water.
  2. Place fresh flowers; in this example the green carnations, around the base. (you can use any flower you prefer)
  3. Glue Lollipops to the foam, candy side down, stems out. 
  4. Add fresh flowers between candy, glue butterflies and or flowers to the ends of the lollipops. 
  5. (Hot glue dries fast)


This can be another family/party project. Play around to put your stamp on the design. Experiment with an apple or pineapple. Remember, the sticks are made of paper, if they become wet they bend.