How to Throw the Ultimate Movie Night

by Katie Chin, Tastemaker in Residence

Happy TGIF-Spirited Style!  I had a blast filming this "How to Throw a Movie Night" with The Real's- Jeannie Mai, for Yahoo Makers.  

Add some LA spirit to your next Movie Night with these award-worthy tips:

  1. Create a Popcorn Bar with gourmet seasonings
  2. Print "movie ticket" themed invites
  3. Create party favor buckets with Twizzlers, Raisinets, etc.
  4. Create themed cocktails: 
    1. Shaken not Stirred Martinis for Bond marathon 
    2. Bloody Mary for horror film 
    3. Cosmos for Sex in the City movie, etc.
  5. Create themed food:
    1. Blood sausage for horror
    2. Strawberries & chocolate for romantic comedies 
    3. Spanish tapas for an Almodovar marathon
  6. Dress up in film genre costumes
  7. Serve cupcakes with mini clapboard trinkets on top
  8. Play movie night bingo by downloading cards available on-line