Minnesota Military Family Tribute - The Celebration

by Cindi SutterFounder of The Spirited Table®

The Popp family poured their heart and soul into the Minnesota Military Family Tribute celebration on June 13th at the State Capitol of Minnesota. Military families, past and present Governors, Congresswomen and men, Generals, entertainment and media transformed a stage and audience into a united team of support for our military and the families who stand beside them while defending our country and our freedom. 

The rains came and went but the wonder-working spirit of the day was joy, memorials of letters from home, thankfulness, fun, a gold star table tribute, food and most importantly a renewed respect for Veterans of Minnesota and the USA. Thank you Bill and Teri!

The Lost Wheel band now shares "Letters" - let the audio play as you stroll through this garden of Minnesota stonework; each stone bears an excerpt from a Veteran's letter to home. They span from 1864 and every war that kept them from their mother, father, husband, wife, son or daughter. Teri & Bill combed the archives from every county in Minnesota and chose a letter from each to forever stand as a monument to the families and their warriors.

Just enjoy the spirit behind them and the words to the song "Letters". 

A child-like movement through the stones seems to empower us to remember life; lived to the fullest or lost too soon. I think every Veteran I know would love to be remembered in such a profoundly inspiring way. 

God Bless America!