Happy Solstice

by Cindi SutterFounder of The Spirited Table® ---content by Art Andes 

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Happy Solstice!

We may not always feel fortunate to live at aprox 45 degree latitude in December, but it sure is great in June! These long days remind me of when I had two Indigenous women from Cusco (13 degree south of the equator) here at this time of year. They had never been out of the country. They were a bit homesick and were convinced that we had more hours in our day here, how else could it be light at 10pm? They thought they were never going to get home. The Incan culture is very much about the Sun God Inti, who is highly revered, but the longer light filled days was a confusing thing for my guests to understand. We are lucky at this time of year, enjoy the light!


Mill City Farmers Market  It's hard to think of a better place in the Twin Cities to spend part of a Saturday. Seriously, it's pretty much all right there, next to the river in between the iconic bookends of the Guthrie Theater and the Mill City Museum. Master weaver Wilber Qusipe will be weaving at the market most Saturdays through mid August. Please stop by and visit us as well as our fellow vendors with their amazing goods. 

DesMoines Art Fair June 26-28  We are excited to be part of the prestigious Des Moines Art Fair, one of the top shows in the country. The event is held downtown near the sculptor parka lovely setting in a vibrant arts city. 

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With next years two trips nearly full, all I can say is sign up soon as it's an adventure not to be missed! January and February are a very festive time of year in the Andes, that's when we invite you to explore this great country.

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Warping the loom is a significant step in the intricate weaving process, it is a skill that requires as much patience as any other step in creating a weaving. The warp has to be strong and resilient to withstand the constant pressure, or 'beating' it takes, by the loom beater. Art Andes rugs are amazingly tight, which confirms how much that loom beater is used! The average length of a new warp on our looms is 170 ft.
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