A Toast to Dad...No Matter What Vintage He Is

by Neal Kielar, Tastemaker in Residence


When it comes to Father’s Day gifts it’s easy to fall back on the old standards. But wait. What are the old standards anymore? The days of a new necktie or sleeve of golf balls or whatever it was we got our dads back in the day are over. Today, dads are diverse. Modern. Multi-faceted. They’re interested in a lot of different things.

Luckily, there is an old standard gift – one that requires just a twist of innovation – that can please a lot of fathers: vintage glassware or bar accessories. Even if Dad doesn’t tipple he’s bound to drink something, and he’ll enjoy it more if it’s in a great retro glass, maybe served from a stylish pitcher or decanter, and even mixed in a classic cocktail shaker.

Retro glasses and barware come in a lot of designs, so you can pick something that speaks to your dad’s favorites. Like classic cars or locomotives. Or a special color or pattern that pleases. If you’re settling on glassware, pick something in mint condition and be sure to choose a glass size that matches what he drinks. A tall tumbler for iced tea or an Arnold Palmer. For a nip of spirits on the rocks, look for lowball glasses. For the beer drinker, it’s a pilsner glass.

Whatever you get your dad, just make sure it’s something he’ll appreciate as much as you appreciate him and all he’s done.


Neal Kielar is owner and creative director of MidModMen+friends, offering hand-selected vintage and modern home furnishings in its St. Paul, MN store. You can see current offerings, as well as behind-the-scenes images of their restoration projects, on Instagram and Facebook.