Danielle & Rich - Ranch Wedding

Commentary by Debra Sabrusula, Tastemaker in Residence & Mother of the Bride

Images by Cindi Sutter, Founder of The Spirited Table®

When your daughter says she wants a modern vintage wedding with guests from all over the world to experience a taste of Texas over a 5 day period, be quick to say yes!  Loved visiting with friends from all over the world and showing them a bit of Texas hospitality.  

Truly it was her dream wedding.

For more of the pre-wedding details; see Ranch Style Rehearsal Dinner, shooting, horseback riding and line dancing. 

Behind the scenes...not only the bride is having fun...

Next up...the main event, the ceremony

Now...it's time to toast, eat, dance and celebrate!

We danced rock n roll to country western. The Europeans who flew a long way to join the party ended the night with a bit of tequila. Remember, some of them were glamping (sleeping in fancy tents) on the ranch grounds. And to all a great life!

Wedding florals by Danielle Sabrusula, Cindi Sutter and several members of the bridal party. 

Wedding cake provided by Patsy Kalina Womack - Debra's cousin; other desserts and treats made by cousin Cherl Fallia.