Name That Pattern: Resources for Collectible Pyrex

by Neal Kielar, Tastemaker in Residence

For some people Pyrex is a useful, durable kitchen work horse. For others it's an affliction - in the good way. Collecting Pyrex is a huge part of the retro craze, with each collector having her or his own favorites. The number of decorative patterns can be dizzying and many are extra hard to find because they were very limited promotional pieces. Like most things collectible, some Pyrex patterns are amazingly valuable. And some things that seem like Pyrex are not.

If you're curious to learn the name of your Pyrex pattern (and who isn't?) or you have to know if your favorite pieces are the real deal visit Pyrex Love ( It's a web site devoted to all things Pyrex, and these folks are serious. The pattern guide section ( is the place to start. There also are resources on cleaning Pyrex, history of the brand, appraising or finding pieces, and something about using toothpicks with Pyrex.


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