Bakerella's Cotton Candy Oreo Cupcakes

Courtesy of A Bullseye View and

Always hunting for our next sugar fix, we invited Angie Dudleyof the wildly popular baking blog Bakerella to stop by for a taste-test of Oreo’s newest flavor — Cotton Candy — and she whipped up a delicious batch of pastel-perfect cupcakes worthy of any warm-weather fete! 

I’ve been so excited to try the new Cotton Candy Oreos and they definitely do not disappoint. They’re now my new favorite Oreo cookie flavor…after the original, of course.

When A Bullseye View asked me to create a sweet treat using the cookies, I jumped at the chance to work with the pastel blue and pink creme to create something perfect for a spring party. (But this isn’t my first time on A Bullseye View, check out my other recipes herehere and here!)

The fun flavor is made even better when you separate the cookies to see that the creme center inside is pink and blue, too. These might just be the happiest Oreo cookies ever. 

And today, I’m making cupcakes with them. Pink cupcakes, of course. 

Oh yeah, we’re stuffing them with Oreos inside, too. 

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