My Daughter to Work Day

by Heather Durenberger, Tastemaker in Residence

I recently bumped into a friend who just completed her degree in fashion design. I asked about her work and how her new career was going; she flashed a big smile and said wonderful.

I shared that my oldest daughter has a real interest in fashion and design and asked if she had an opportunity for a young person to see her designs or work in action. Without missing a beat she shared that in February she would be participating in "Hearts for Fashion Show" hosted by the American Heart Association and Boston Scientific. She invited my daughter to be a shadow designer for the day. My daughter was able to see sketches and the evolutions of the design. She watched as the models were transformed with hair and makeup. Then watched in delight as the fashions made there way down the runway.  

I am so grateful to my friend Kathy Jerde for sharing her passion for fashion with my daughter. It gave her the unique ability to see her dreams in action. Check out other designs by Kathy!