Tulips in Moss

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence

Tools & Supplies

Wire Cutter
18” Aluminum Wire & Bullion wire (If not available use any lighter weight wire)
Sheet Moss or (experiment with any type packing materials, colorful papers, shredded materials)
Container to set upon


Tulip with bulb (experiment with green plants and all ephemerals)


  1. Remove tulip from the soil, leaving the soil and root system in tact the best you can
  2. Wrap the aluminum wire around the bulb two times, then up around the stem and the tulip
  3. Take a handful full of moist sheet moss, wrap it all around the bulb making a ball---not too big. 
  1. Begin wrapping Bullion wire around and around securing the moss tightly in that ball form, covering the bulb, root system soil and aluminum wire around the bulb. 
  1. Set in a decorative saucer, one for place card holders or several together for a table decoration. (The tulip and container can be small or large.)
  2. To water--set in water, let drain.