Thank-You for Today

by Heather Durenberger, Tastemaker in Residence

My pop pop was a character. He was the silly, funny and very generous grandparent. He was the relative that would take us to an all you can eat buffet and fill his plate with desserts. One thing I learned from him was life is a gift.  

Every morning when his feet would hit the floor he would stand up, raise his hands to the sky and say at the top of his lungs. “Thank you for another day.” Whether at home, or camping in our famous RV trips - every day he gave thanks.  

He passed away March 31, 1990 and I sadly noticed how quiet it was in the morning at my grandparents house. No one was yelling their gratitude for another day.  

Take a moment today to stand up and say thank you for day because it is a gift, so use it wisely!