How to be a Star in a Square World

by Heather Durenberger, Tastemaker in Residence

Since my Girl Scouts were Daisies I have coached them to be who they are; in our world that can be a challenge. The language I use with them is, you may be a star, an oval, a diamond or a polygon. Whatever shape you are, first you need to know it. Second you need to own it and third you need to know that everyone is uniquely made. So if you feel like others are pushing you to be a square, I need for you to know, I mean really know and own, that you are a star. I use simple language but the same is true for adults. Each of us is uniquely made and created. Each of us has a unique purpose. It can be hard to be a star in a square world, but you were made a star for a reason. So own it and be it. Be an example for others and let your light shine!