Cindi's Birthday Adventures during NYC Snowstorm- Part 2

by Cindi Sutter, Founder of The Spirited Table®

The morning after the NYC January snowstorm, I decided to escape the hotel and take a long walk; my favorite thing to do in NYC, no matter what time of year. I basically began at 42nd St. and headed to the Park. This was the "big" snowstorm. I must confess, I forgot that you can't stand to close to the curb, when the cabs and trucks go sailing through the piled up snow in the street. Thankfully there were so few cars, I only got sprayed with snow one time. Hmmm...dry cleaner heaven. 

Rockefeller center was so quiet, even the locals were taking photos. 

The Plaza Hotel is an iconic favorite. The snow in the grassy area in front of the hotel was really about 2-3 inches deep, just enough to keep those without snow boots, in their room. The flowers in the lobby are always amazing, and the bar usually provides perfect people watching; on this particular day the bar was full to capacity and I'm guessing lots of hot buttered Rum was requested. No matter how beautiful it was it was cold out and the wind always whips up 5th Avenue. 

A friend recommended the Todd English Food Hall at the base of this beautiful hotel. As you can tell from the photos I took, my weakness is centered around SUGAR! But the coffee, breads, sushi, and basically anything else you might desire, can be found there; it's a must stop! Thanks Blythe for the tip. 

After warming up with a cup of coffee and yes, of course a bite of chocolate, I made my way slowly down 5th Avenue, stopping at a few brave stores that decided to take advantage of the weirdos like me who were out and about. I actually had a great time and it was soooo quiet...I had never seen NYC like this; so it was actually quite a lovely day for me, snow splashes and all. 

I did buy one birthday treat for myself--of course they were shoes! What else would a girl do in NYC?

Next stop one of the most amazing dinners ever...The James Beard House dinner!