Technology Hell

by Cindi Sutter, Founder of The Spirited Table®

Mid-Week Encouragement…hmmm. I know this statement is true. "You have to hush the heart and bid all your senses be still before you can be attuned to receive Heaven's music." - God Calling, March 10th. But...I wasn't listening. 

At the risk of sounding like I’m turning Wednesday into Mid-Week Moaning, I’m sharing what we might feel on any given Wednesday and in this case, it’s what I’m feeling today.  

By this Friday I have to have XYZ completed and I’m living in Technology HELL. 

It all began last Thursday, a perfectly wonderful day until... I finally found out why my computer looked like a cross between Beethoven’s Fifth gone crazy and my website. 

A trip to the Genius Bar revealed blah, blah, blah happened on certain MacBook Pros, purchased in 2012 then more blah, blah, blah. The next trip my computer took was to California, delivered no doubt to some Apple warehouse in the cloud designed to fix computers; all the while, it wasn’t fixing my work load, my lost time creating enough back-ups to fill Fort Knox or my attitude. 

To sum it up, I’d forgotten this simple fact. Life happens and usually it’s not fatal, just frustrating. Others have told me I usually embrace problems pretty well, so why during this particular 5 day period have I let myself get all wound up? 

Open up that heart and listen with those ears and you just might hear the choirs of Heaven sing you a snappy little tune!