W3 Book Club - A Book on any American President

by Laura Chin, Tastemaker in Residence

One W3 (Wine, Women & Words) Book Club evening...You could read and bring a Book on Any President. Various authors were read and the theme for the evenings attire was any American President or their spouse. 

Jackie Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Abe Lincoln were among those represented at that month’s book club. We each expressed ourselves and shared the President or First Lady that inspired us the most. 

We played a really fun game! Our host quizzed us on what foods our Presidents liked. Which President counted ketchup as a vegetable for school lunches? Which President loved jelly beans?  And, of course, we were served wonderfully all-American food. 

American Cheeses and Crackers
Jelly Beans
Butter Brickle

Potatoes au Gratin 
Apple Compote
Broccoli and Cauliflower Mixed Vegetable Dish


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