Tooth Fairy Wishes & Traps - From Ayla & Leland

by Cindi Sutter, Founder of The Spirited Table®

It's National Tooth Fairy Day! What better way to celebrate than with cotton candy. Ayla & Leland Sutter, step inside the glitter filled world of the Tooth Fairy and create new ways to honor the tooth and the kid. Leland provides a sketch of; "How to trap the Tooth Fairy". 

In lieu of the standard cash under the pillow, try some tips from the toothless team below. 

  • a sweet treat (or veggies if you want to be good to your teeth)
  • a certificate describing and rating your tooth 
  • a note in tooth fairy code 
  • a bunch of glitter sprinkled all around your bedroom
  • a mini envelope and letter to/from the tooth fairy (saying what you want and a note back)
  • a tooth pouch:
    • one example is a rainbow of pouches, one for each tooth and a smile missing a tooth
  • a gift card for a treat 
  • a bottle of super small nail polish with glitter in It that looks like the fairies made it
  • Leland even drew up some plans on how to catch a tooth fairy. (see below)

These photos taken right after they lost their first tooth!