Happy Snacking

by Vera Levin, Tastemaker in Residence

You have a long day, come home, and all you want to do is grab a bag of chips, plop down on the coach and flip on your favorite show. Or, you are running from meeting to meeting, the fatigue sets in, and you are in the need for a quick energy boost. We have all been there, so, we have found some healthy and yummy ways to fulfill your need to snack. 

Dang toasted coconut chips are the way to satiate any sweet tooth. Crunchy and light, but also dusted with salt, these chips will bring your taste buds full circle with flavor. 

Sahale snacks offer an array of nut mixes bursting with flavor. Try out mixes like Mango Tango Almond Mix, Almonds with Parmesan Cheese and Herbs, and Cashews with Vanilla and Pomegranate. Yum!

In need of some spice? Try Spicy Wasabi Edamame. This crisp and flavorful snack packs quite the punch, and will be sure to clear your sinuses. 

One of the greater inventions has to be kale chips. For the more adventurous snackers, these chips come in a variety of flavors – even more fun, try making them yourself by simply washing and then drying the kale, removing the stems, drizzling with oil and baking at 300° for thirty minutes; with one pan rotation halfway through. Sprinkle with whatever spice your heart desires. Voila! Its that easy.

Lastly, if you are looking to sustain yourself a little longer, one of our favorite bars is KIND bars. They come in a variety of flavors, and offer the perfect equilibrium of salty and sweet. 

Happy Snacking!