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by John Reichert, Guest Tastemaker and Friend to James &

“During the course of your life you might come in contact with a rare individual who was bound for glory. For me, that person was James Ragan. A rare illness stole him from us. From his many inspirational talents to his fierce competitiveness, after contact, everyone felt lucky to have known him.” 

Jim Nantz’s remembrance of James during a PGA tournament. 

Dear Friends,

As a junior golfer in high school, James frequently played on the prestigious Texas Legends Junior Tour, TLJT.  This year, TLJT as added a a new tournament to its schedule - The James A. Ragan Memorial to be played February 15th and 16th at the Palmilla Beach Golf Course in Port Aransas Texas.  

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TLJT has graciously given the Triumph Over Kid Cancer Foundation, permission to use the tournament as a fundraising event for the foundation through a birdie eagle donation program.    

Please pass this email to your friends asking for businesses or individuals who may not have been involved with TOKC in the past to pledge to be birdie eagle sponsors, especially if you know any businesses out on the island where the tournament will be played.  The tournament will have around 80 junior golfers who will come in with parents and families, so it will bring a large number of people to the island who will be eating in restaurants, staying in hotels and shopping, generating support for businesses who supported the tournament.   

TLJT believes based on past experience that a pledge of 5 dollars per birdie and 10 dollars per eagle would be in the range of $750 to $1000 dollars, and we would cap it at $1000 so in no event would a pledge be over $1000.00. 

It should be a great tournament as TLJT has always drawn quality golfers like Jordan Spieth and Scotty Scheffler are names that immediately come to mind.  

Your support will fund cancer research through M.D. Anderson, as well as other patient support programs, and as always, we will publicize your support with all of the players, families, TLJT staff and patrons.  So please come out to the James A. Ragan Memorial, and watch the future of golf unfolding at beautiful Palmilla.  

Thank you for your continued support.

Mecklin Ragan - (James Sister)

Fighting Pediatric Cancer 

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