Spirited Eat 60: Food, Fun & Conversation

by Jayme Nissen, Tastemaker in Residence

Let’s face it- life can get busy. It is full of competing distractions, activities outside the home, and technology. We don’t always have time for everything, especially family dinners.

Dedicating 60 minutes for a family dinner may seem difficult but with a few added twists it can be a weekly event that the entire family looks forward to. For one month assign a family member responsibility for one meal a week and all the activities involved. They can plan the menu, do the shopping, prepare the food and plan special activities and/or conversational topics for that evening. They could incorporate their favorite foods, themes, topics or games.

Remember the goal is to keep everyone together for 60 minutes enjoying good food, family and conversation. We have found that everyone looks forward to these dinners and loves to see what special “twists” will be added each week.

Most importantly, it's all about have food, fun and conversation with those you love.