First Impression - New Year's Florals

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence

A design with sparkle – adding shimmer to your gathering.

1 low lipped platter/saucer
1 flat mirror
5 plastic flat white snowflakes
5 champagne glasses, plasticware
Fresh flowers & greens of your choice
Ice-looking rocks
mm balls
4 votives
4 votive candles
Deco beads


  1. Container is a lipped low saucer shape with the candles setting on a snowflake on the lip. Secure snowflake and candle with a Glu dash
  2. Set four champagne glasses filled with clear water beads in center, place one glass with beads on top of the four
  3. Fill glasses & votives with clear Deco beads and add water. 
  4. Add fresh flowers of your choice, winter foliages, and some decorated mm balls to the champagne glasses
  5. Place votive candle in votive after deco beads have absorbed the water
  6. Place saucer/platter on top of mirror
  7. Add rocks to top of mirror

It is yours now so make it your unique party design