A Swedish Christmas

by Cindi SutterFounder of The Spirited Table®

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I live in Minneapolis, MN, a multicultural mix of Norwegian and Swedish heritage. The newly renovated Swedish Institute in Minneapolis provided the perfect way to embrace Christmas with traditional Swedish ethnicity, history and decorations. 

First stop their beautiful dining room and newly restored antique kitchen.

Only Mama is Awake - you know that routine...

Norge/Norway - The Home of Nisse

The sheer beauty of the museum...

Island/Iceland - Where Yule Lads Frolic

The Junior League of Minneapolis held our Christmas party at the Swedish Institute and after a spectacularly curated tour, this was one of many tables.

A very good friend of mine is 100% Swedish. Rather than rambling on about how she carries out these traditions at Christmas, I’ll let the photos do the talking, writing and cheering. 

Enter their Florida home through this beautiful courtyard.

Hallways and gathering spots are my favorite place to read, write and just enjoy...

Step into the kitchen and dining room where the ensuing party prep is happening...This hostess makes napkins with each guests name sewn on it, with a machine embroidered image.

Five hours after this photo the living room was full of laughter, Christmas cheer and joy

The party's over, the guests are gone and the day after New Years' the clean-up begins...Can't wait till next year. xoxox