Newlyweds' Pajama Day

by Rebecca Matheson Ortiz, Tastemaker in Residence

Pajama Day update:

December is flying by and we're gearing up for our very first Pajama Day! I'm excited, and also a tad nervous. Will it be boring for the two of us to spend the day in pajamas just sitting around the house? Will the hubby think it's a lame tradition and want to discontinue it? Should we wait until we actually have children to play with before going all in? (If it does get discontinued, we'll at least give it another chance when we have young ones about.)

All of these questions are valid, and we'll have to see how it goes, but for now, the ideas are swirling about like one of Queen Elsa's sparkling snow flurries. And I'm not going to just "let them go," either.

For starters, I'm prepared to lounge the day away in the warmth of my cat-onesie pajamas! Oh yeah, you read that right. My darling husband is less cool (or more? I'm really not sure), but he's got a t-shirt and flannel pants that will fit the occasion.

As far as board games, I don't have high hopes and am sticking to a round or two of cards, seeing as it can get tricky to play games with just two people. I imagine years down the road this will be a favorite event, though.

Movies? Well, each of us will pick one to watch (I'm seriously thinking Frozen for my choice), but we'll also have Netflix and we're bouncing back and forth between Gotham and Longmire right now, so I'm sure we have enough to keep us busy.

And as for food: Breakfast for dinner! Cookies and hot chocolate for breakfast! Ice cream sundaes for lunch! Anarchy! I can already smell the homemade chocolate chip treats.  

The hardest part, I think, will be having family nearby that wants to do Christmas with us, and us reminding them (gently) that we've decided not to take part in that one. But, we'll just have to stay strong and know that it will get easier as the years go by and people get used to the idea.

Fingers crossed for Pajama Day round 1 excellence! And Happy Holidays, y'all!