Baddas Men, Better Meat

by Cindi SutterFounder of The Spirited Table® - courtesy of Jared Allen, Guest Tastemaker from the archives of his The Quarterback Killer's Cookbook

Jared Allen was one of our first guest tastemakers as we began our Spirited journey. Now we're 2 years old and he's playing for Miami. We miss you here in Minnesota!

The excerpt below is from The Quarterback Killer's Cookbook. So enjoy his sense of humor and taste for wild game and fish, and the recipes at

Or to quote him..."A bit of bull plus bear, boar & buffalo, from football's best big game hunter."


The Quarterback Killer's Cookbook - Excerpt from Chapter 1 = Badass Men, Better Meat

If you’re gonna eat it, you oughta be willing to kill it. My grandpa taught me that before I ever calf-roped my first quarterback or rocked a mullet. 

My two brothers and I spent summers and just about any other time we could on his mountaintop cattle and horse ranch in Northern California. It’s only 20 acres, but it backs up to 3,000 open acres and when we were little it was our own playground. 

Like three young boys will do, we fired at pigeons with our pellet guns, raced empty Big Mac containers down the little, flowing creek and, of course, fought each other. 

It’s also where I followed my grandpa and dad on my first hunt, when I was five. They told me to carry the ammunition and keep quiet. 

My grandpa was a career Marine who always carried a gun; my dad a true cowboy.

Together, they were, and still are, the two baddest men on the planet. 

(more to come)....