Teri's China Adventure Part 4-The Fabulous Food of China

by Teri E. Popp, Tastemaker in Residence

Americans think we are familiar with Chinese food, but what we eat should properly be called "Americanized Chinese" food.  In fact, many dishes, like chow mien, are not actually eaten in China.  In addition, China is a country of many and varied cuisines, much the same as the US and its regional variations on food (think southern cooking versus east coast seafood and you get the idea).

We experienced exciting food options while dining at a restaurant in Xi'an.  To help with the evening, we took a guide and put together a list of the food items we would not eat.  Since the Chinese eat most parts of many animals we don't eat, the list tended to be very long!  But what we were served tasted wonderful!

Also in Xi'an, dumpling restaurants are quite popular, and offer an assortment of tasty and beautifully prepared treats.

As always, meals everywhere were colorful and abundant!  We did learn an interesting fact about Chinese cuisine while there:  if you finish everything on your plate, they will bring you more of that particular item.  When you are eating a 10 course meal, it soon becomes apparent that you don't want to finish every course!!  Truly gracious hosts, the Chinese want to make sure you are well fed!

Take a seat beside me at the Farewell Dinner in Chengdu...

Join me again at the Farewell Dinner in Xi'an...

In all, I highly recommend a visit to this beautiful and colorful country full of culture, history and delight.