Teri's China Adventures Part 1 - The Beauty of China

by Teri E. Popp, Tastemaker in Residence

China-exotic and beautiful-offers travelers  a wealth of experiences culturally, artistically, theatrically, and in its cuisine.  A country of extremes, touring this countries offers ancient artifacts, such as The Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Warriors, as well as state-of-the-art animal research. 

In Chengdu, located in central southern China, a city of 9 million residents, their current major emphasis focuses on saving the endangered giant panda.  This large, furry animals habitat, destroyed by over development, has led to the near extinction of this lovable black and white bear that so many people love.  At the Chendgu Panda Breeding and Research Center located in Sichuan, has had phenomenal results in breeding these beloved creatures.  If you get to the Center early enough, a small number of guests may actually hold a 9 month old panda on their lap (while wearing protective gear to keep the animals safe from human germs and bacteria).  I highly recommend this activity if you get the chance to visit the Research Center.

Tune in to Teri's article next week as she discusses the charitable organization, the Starkey Foundation, that brought her and her family to the beautiful country of China.