Stylish Fall decor that won't break the bank!

by Jayme Nissen, Tastemaker in Residence

After a day at the pumpkin patch with the family, an hour collecting leaves and thirty minutes of digging through the garage, a creative solution was found to spice up the house for the fall season. Blending natural elements with golden aspects and metallics, pumpkins are a staple element for Fall and can make a statement by incorporating candlelight. 

Pumpkin carving turned creative in our household this season. Instead of the traditional jack-o-lanterns, I carved my pumpkins using power tools and kitchen knives. This allowed me to showcase my take on a fashionable Halloween. 

I carved the large pumpkin into wedges using a paring knife which made the task at hand much easier. The disco ball effect of the albino pumpkin was achieved by using a power drill. My baby pumpkin was painted with a gold nail polish. 

The mantle was decorated using leaves found outside and fairy lights that we use for Christmas.