Ole' from San Roque, Jerez & Seville

by Teri E. Popp, Tastemaker in Residence

On the final leg of our trip to Spain we shared food and Spanish wine with our traveling companions around culturally diverse tables in San Roque, Jerez and Seville. 

While back on Spanish soil near Marbella in San Roque, our friends insisted the locals also enjoyed cuisines from around the world. To that end, we feasted on both Thai and Japanese food on two different days. But, no matter what we ate for dinner, we always enjoyed the local tapas selection as an appetizer!

We visited the quaint city of Jerez (the locals pronounced it so it sounded like Hereth--such is the Andalusian accent). From wandering minstrels to the locally grown and cultivated port, the city was breathtaking and fun!

One of our final destinations included the splendid city of Seville and its incredible cathedral.  While traversing tiny cobblestone streets, we enjoyed the last days of our trip with, yet again, more tapas and Spanish wine. It was the perfect ending to a perfect trip!