Warm Winter Spices

by Desi Creswell, Tastemaker in Residence


Winter is officially here and the cold temperatures are inspiring me to cook with warm, comforting spices in the kitchen.  Recently I’ve been pulling out a set of house-blended spice mixes from one of our favorite restaurants in Minneapolis, Saffron. Spice Trail, by Chef Sameh Wadi, is a set of four hand crafted blends including Ras El Hanout, an Exotic Blend, Garam Masala, and Tagine. Wadi is also the chef behind the equally delicious, but more casual, World Street Kitchen. The spices are available at both of the restaurants and on the web

I’ve used these spices on a variety of meats and vegetables and they do not disappoint. If you’re looking for specific direction, Chef Wadi shares a few recipes in an interview with the popular food blog, Heavy Table (scroll to the bottom). Last time we were at the restaurant there was hinting at a cookbook – I can only hope that comes sooner rather than later!