How To Buy Flowers For Your Valentine

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence --- Excerpts from articles written for the Society of American Florists- How to buy flowers for Valentines Day-


Just like people, flowers come in hundreds of shapes and sizes. When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, carefully selecting the flower varieties and colors you send will result in a thoughtful, customized gift your sweetheart will treasure. The first step is to consider your sweetheart's preferences:

  • What colors does he or she like? Men respond well to vivid, crisp colors such as red, orange, purple and blue. Women tend to relish pastel tones of pinks, peaches and lavenders.
  • Does she have any favorite flowers? What are his hobbies? Your florist can create arrangements that revolve around your sweetheart's favorite hobby, sport or pastime.
  • Ask yourself what message you want to convey. Consult with your florist who can explain the assortment of possibilities available.
  • To get the best selection and ensure prompt delivery, call your favorite florist the week before Valentine's Day. When you call, have the necessary information handy: the recipient's name, address, phone number, what you want to send and how you want to be billed. To help find a florist, visit our Florist Directory.

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