A Favorite Fall Leaf Tour

by Bridget Levin, Tastemaker in Residence

Looking for a unique angle on the fall color frenzy?

Hop on board an excursion boat in Taylor’s Falls, Minnesota and cruise the St. Croix River
for some of the most beautiful ways to watch the season unfold.

Reserve a Dinner Leaf Cruise with friends or family. Your white tablecloth meal will include prime rib or chicken, baked potato, assorted breads, caesar salad, vegetable, dessert, coffee and cash bar.

Your tour will be narrated to explain the area history, the huge stone cross for which the St. Croix is named, and jaw-dropping ancient rock formations.

If you choose to take the daily excursion, bring your own lunch (and your well-behaved dog!)

If you miss this year’s departures, put it in your calendar for next year!