Playful Pumpkin

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence


Any Pumpkin, fresh or Permanent Botanical of any size
Low container
½ block floral foam
½ inch, Green Anchor Tape
Carving Knife and cleaning spoon
Three bulb acolyte—any color
Lots and lots of wrapped candy all sizes
Glue Dashes one for each piece of candy


2 Branches with Autumn foliages
2 stems Salal
Save the branches, all of the branches, all sizes
4-8 Carnations
4-8 Coneflower pods
3-5 Yarrow (fresh or dried)


  1. Wet floral foam with fresh clean water with flower food
  2. Secure in container with Anchor Tape
  3. Set Pumpkin on top of foam-secure with floral tape around the base so you cannot see mechanics
  4. Glue candy on stems with the glue dashes
  5. Layer base with Salal and branches with leaves.
  6. Place the carnations, yarrow and coneflower, where you choose
  7. Insert stems of candy all around
  8. If you have carved the pumpkin place a liner for candy or put in an LED light.
  9. Eat your way through the party.