Fall Decorating Design Tips

by Desi Creswell, Tastemaker in Residence

As the temperature drops we transition from days spent outdoors to a time when we want to cocoon ourselves in the warmth of our home. Below are my top design tips for how to quickly and easily transition your interior décor from summer to fall. 


1. Take a Cue from Nature

The quickest way to transform a room is by switching out textiles such as throw pillows, throw blankets, and bed linens. For a no fail fall color palette take a cue from nature. The leaves are turning glorious shades of orange and red; add brassy yellows, rich greens and a chocolate brown for a combination straight from the outdoors.

2. Add Texture

Textures create warmth in a space and dropping temperatures are a wonderful opportunity to accessorize with throw blankets. Swap out your lightweight throw with a chunky wool knit or a soft flannel and get cozy! 

3. Let There be Light

With the sun setting earlier now is a great time to decorate with candles. Create a warm glow throughout the house and stir the senses with a fall aroma such as cranberry, pumpkin or citrus. Bundle candles in a group of various sizes and heights for an instant centerpiece.

4. Accessorize with Edibles

The kitchen is a great place to accessorize seasonally. Check out your local farmer’s market for shiny red apples, colorful squashes, and whatever else catches your eye. Display your finds on a white platter for a crisp, modern look, or try a rustic wooden bowl for an earthier aesthetic.

5. Mix up Metals

Silver tones are cooling in summer, but when you’re looking to warm up a space nothing does it better than gold, brass, and bronze. An easy way to do this swap is when setting the table. Switch out a few items such as candle sticks, chargers, and napkin rings to create an inviting dining environment.