Floral Recipe for Rosh Hashanah = Apples and Honey  

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence


Knife Sharpener
Clear anchor tape
Two hyacinth stakes
¾ block floral foam soaked in clean water with flower food
2 feet Green Aspidecor Ribbon
Bottle of honey
2 stems yellow Daisy Spray Chrysanthemums
1 Gerbera daisy
2 stems Israeli Ruscus
2 stems Monte casino
2 apples.
1 round glass container

  1. Wash and dry glass container.
  2. Cut Aspidecor ribbon, lay on inside of the glass bowl.
  3. Place floral foam that has been soaked with fresh clean water with flower food.
  4. Fill container with water with flower food.
  5. The two sticks are taped to the back of The Honey bear with the clear anchor tape.
  6. Insert the bear in the foam.
  7. Lay the apples around the front of the design on the foam in front of the bear.
  8. Cut stems of daisy spray Chrysanthemums in several sections; insert the tall ones to the back of the design opposite the Honey Bear.
  9. Insert single stems of spray Chrysanthemums around the apples.
  10. Add Israeli Ruscus and Monte Casino.
  11. Add water with flower food.

Enjoy and eat!