Blueberry Picking on Madeline Island

by Cindi Sutter, Founder of The Spirited Table®

Labor Day weekend on Madeline Island included Blueberry picking on the outer Apostle Islands. We wedged our trip between rain showers, but it was so worth the wait. 


Blueberry pie is one of our favorites, but picking the blueberries in August with friends, cleaning them with a lot of laughter and comedy involved, cooking and canning them so…when the snow flies, I can pull out a giant jar ready to drop into a homemade pie crusts for my Christmas dessert party…now that is the definition of PRICELESS!

Ok, I'll woman up and tell you that I never had any interest in berry picking; but then year after year my friend Dawn served the BEST EVER amazingly scrumptious blueberry pies. Like most things we've never done, we have no clue what we're missing, until we try it. Berry picking on the outer Apostle islands, this year, was beyond fun and tasty. Next step, cleaning, preparing and cooking the berries. Long-term goal includes jars of blueberry filling that find their landing spot in my cupboard. So worth the effort!!!!

Dawn does the heavy lifting of teaching me how to can blueberries.

See my photos below for a play by play. 

This video provides yours and my personal cheat sheet.