Simple BBQ Wings Recipe

by Ross Bowen, Tastemaker in Residence


Two Little Pigs BBQ team won the People’s Choice Wings contest at the Med City BBQ in Rochester, MN this August.  Cooking a large quantity of wings is easy if you cook them in a large aluminum pan.  We used two of the most popular products in competition BBQ, Smokin’ Guns Hot rub and Blues Hog original sauce.  There’s a reason these two are popular.  Unlike most of the certified judges in the sanctioned contest, I doubt most of the public had tasted these two flavors together like this.


Chicken wings already separated into pieces
Smokin’ Guns Hot rub
Full Aluminum pan
Instant Read Thermometer


  1. Purchase chicken wings already separated into pieces (I said simple).
  2. Apply Smokin’ Guns Hot rub liberally over all the wings in a full aluminum pan.
  3. Place in smoker at 275°.  Use charcoal with a light wood like apple.
  4. Temp the wings with an instant read thermometer and remove once they have reached 160°.  (They will continue to cook during the next step).   
  5. Drench in Blues Hog Original sauce.  Put on an charcoal grill (like a Weber) in small groups and cook until the sauce sets up, about 3 minutes.  
  6. Serve with blue cheese, if desired.