What's Your Floral DNA?

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence

A curious question worth exploring. 

Color is the first to catch the eye. Colors closer to the pure hue are bright, happy or casual.  As they darken into a tone or shade by adding gray and then black, they become more formal. The hue red is bright and hot, by adding gray tones with a yellow base red becomes that beautiful orange brick red; add black and a blue to the base, and it becomes an amazingly rich burgundy, and everything in between. 

Style.  For you does that mean the formal style with everything just in the right place? Or a more informal, casual or garden style? You will choose one, or sometimes combine them, that’s the fun part. 

Size is another consideration. Is it an intimate dinner for two or a small family celebration or an event? Is the table square or oblong? Buffet or a sit down? Is there a chandelier? May open flame candles be used?

Texture. Is it quiet with a few classy textures or full of a dramatic mix? Your choice. 

Fragrances. Do you love a mixture of delightful fragrances, one fragrance only or as little as possible?

Containers. Lines of long and low, tall and graceful, multiple containers forming a unit? Straight or curved? Maybe a zigzag?

Form. This design element creates endless opportunities; closed, formal, symmetrical, open, English garden, casual, asymmetrical?

Most of these elements you never think about, you just naturally choose. That’s your DNA.

You match the color and the style with the feeling you want to share. That casual picnic will have a floral design with bright dancing colors, the formal gathering will have rich deep shades and tones, the wedding centerpiece will be full of tints with white added to the hue. 

When choosing a floral gift consider the DNA of the recipient.

Unlike your DNA that belongs to you; your floral DNA blends with your mood, event, weather and guests.

We all have our favorite color, flower and style that we turn to when we are buying flowers for ourselves. Think about your DNA when you enter your favorite local florist, and are not sure how to involve your guest’s DNA in the design. Your local florist is professionally trained to receive your information, to create a one and only design customized to blend your DNA, with the style, color and feeling of your guests or for a gift.

Now that you understand your floral DNA, practice using it. Flowers are perfect for every occasion. Have fun!

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