My Favorite Cookbook

by Kiki Rosatti, Tastemaker in Residence

Nick Stellino's Mediterranean Flavors

My favorite cookbook is Nick Stellino's Mediterranean Flavors. To my surprise it came with a CD that included Italian musical favorites. We’ve loved every recipe we tried. Our all-time favorite is Gorgonzola Pork Chops. 

What I love most about this cookbook is that he personalizes each recipe. At the top of each page is a paragraph from Nick talking about how he feels about the recipe and his favorite tips. He also provides a suggested wine pairing at the end of each recipe.

At the beginning of each section he writes about Italy—growing up there—his love for food—and the ingredients used. He draws you into each recipe and I can't help but feel these are family recipes—tried and true. 

There's a uniquely palatable passion in each one of his recipes and the stories behind them.