Boots To My Roots = Take a BREAK!

by Tania Staps, Tastemaker in Residence

First, THANK YOU to my followers. Secondly, you know I missed last week. My life was just crazy, and I had to take a break! So guess what, that Is the word for this week. Break! 

In the future, when I haven’t been on my best behavior, awards season ties me up, or in general life happens, I have come up with a solution = 1 Word for 2 Weeks.

For example, the word for this week has 2 meanings. First step, know when to take a break. Secondly, know how to break a habit that is taking over your life in a negative way. I think this is a cool way to bridge the gap when I can't tell my story every week. My goal is to send you a word every week, and hopefully soon, posting pictures, recipes etc., but I digress! I am already tired! LOL!

Sometimes you just need to take a break...from EVERYTHING! Step into that space and just stop. This is something that I am learning how to do BEFORE I just crash. Usually that is my "MO" I go go go, then I Crash. This is not resting, this is your body saying, I am stopping whether you do or not. Usually at this point the giant red flags are: I feel like I am getting sick, I’m short with someone that day, (which is out of character for me), or problems seem bigger than they really are. Can anyone relate to this? 

FYI, I do not know what in the world I would do if I had children. So, my hat goes off to all the mothers out there who do this everyday. At least with my puppy, Tipsy, she can go to the bathroom in the backyard, but you can't do that with kids. So again, hats off to you ladies! 

After this last episode of life happening in my world it became crystal clear, I must learn to take a break or I will break; let's face it, that would not be good for anybody. So let’s celebrate resting, taking the occasional, glorious nap, and being thankful for the freedom to do so.

How do you Break a habit that is taking over your life in a negative way? Well actually, I do not know. But I will try a couple of things for the next several months and keep you posted on my progress. There are several things I am going to try and eliminate from my diet that I realized are just bad habits. Foods that are not helping me reach my goal of being healthy from my boots to my roots. First up, sweets. I don't need them it's just a habit that tends to pop up, especially when I am out with friends and think, hhhhm I need dessert.  Dessert every once in a while, definitely, every time...NO! 

They say it takes 21 days to break a habit, I not only want to use this theory to break my bad habits, but also to create good habits that I can incorporate into my life for 21 days? 

This will be a fun project, especially if we do it together. So email me and let me know, if you want to join in. Share your great habit changing ideas as well as the habits you want to kick!

Until next time…

Big hugs