Back to School - Cooking on a Budget = Mill City Market

by Brenda Langton, Tastemaker in Residence

August 23rd: Back to School 

Cooking on a Budget

 8 - 1 between the Guthrie Theater and the Mill City Museum  


Eating healthfully doesn't have to be tough on your weekly budget. Buying locally means shelf life is longer, and with a little meal planning, you can make those Saturday morning Market runs last the whole week. By cooking meals at home rather than dining out, you'll cut costs and have complete control of what you eat. Plus, your food dollars stay in your community. All good things! 

Make sure to catch our Mill City Cooks kitchen demo at 10 am with Jenny Breen for some helpful, budget-friendly tips, especially geared toward students!

     Find your favorite vendors on our vendor map! 


See you at the Market - don't forget your shopping list!