Spirited Table Myths & Tricks #4

by Ardith BeveridgeTastemaker in Residence

Myth #4

Cover the foam/mechanics with mosses

Trick #4

Please, unless the table is earthy, Adrondick, Natural, Woodsy, any or all of the definitions, never use mosses as a cover for your foam and mechanics.

  1. The fragrance of the wet moss is strong. If the moss is not used correctly and becomes wet it may soak into the tablecloth.
  2. Sand, marbles, pebbles, waterbeads, stones, rocks, permanent botanical mosses, cork, or cut up flower stems all serve this purpose beautifully.
  3. Use a medium worthy of the design style.
  4. For that formal occasion with bling, use some colors water beads with Acolytes lighting the crystals.