Spirited Table Myths & Tricks

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence

Myth #1

Table centerpieces must be short
Trick #1


Table centerpieces must be in proportion to the table and not interfere with conversation.

  1. The short designs are beautiful and appropriate
  2. The mass of the design should be close to 14 inches tall
  3. Candles or decorative accents that are thin and colorful may reach higher as long as one can see across and around the table.
  4. Placing a tall design on the table is acceptable if viewing is trouble free.
  5. Place flowers in the bottom of a tall vase, preferably a cylinder, and then fill the vase with water. One of the flowers that work the best are cymbidium orchids, but you can experiment. (I shared an arrangement Cindi Sutter used for a wedding reception; more wedding photos to come on August 26th, the 8 year anniversary of the bride and groom). 

You will have a lovely table that is gorgeous.