Toast a New Tastemaker

by Cindi Sutter, Founder of The Spirited Table®


Sussan Mahjouri joins our Tastemakers in Residence this week. The passionate way she lives her life and shares her table experiences is infectious. Her bio shares only the tip of the culinary iceberg of discoveries she will unfold around our table. 

This particular photo is a Persian New Year celebration in her home. Culturally I love the fact Persian New Year is also the first day of Spring and always celebrated on March 21st. The custom includes leaving certain elements on the table for the next 13 days. 

Sussan will share events she facilitated around the world, including a wedding in Monaco. Stay tuned for her travels far and away, as well as the natural hospitality of afternoon tea in her home.

My glimpse into her future around the table, includes discoveries centered around culture, design and food revealed with a grace and style uniquely diverse, engaging and fun!

Please welcome Sussan to our table and join us as she shares the fact...

Iran is a country. Persian is a culture.