Food & Flowers That Look & Taste Like Summer

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence


Large clean sharp knife to cut watermelon (or any other melon, apple or potato)
Clean Sharp knife or Oriental Sheer
Large decorative dish to hold chosen medium
4 long bamboo Skewers
1/3 block floral foam
Fresh Ingredients:
Anything you choose to add color, match color scheme in fresh fruit and vegetables and fresh flowers.
This design includes:
1 Watermelon
1/3 bunch Steel Grass
3 Gerbera Daises
4 Stems green Hypericum
2 Sunflower
3 Artichoke blossom
4 Red carnations
5 Green Trick Dianthus


  1. Cut and wet floral foam in clean water with flower food. Cut into three equal parts.
  2. Cut the watermelon in as many parts as you like. (hint, cut the center out to eat, use the two ends and the two closest to them for the design) Yes you can have your cake (watermelon) and eat it too!
  3. Lay cut watermelon on container; skewer the slices and ends together
  4. Place foam cut in three portions between the slices for designing and to help keep the shape.
  5. Cut flowers short, place the larger blossoms in first, add medium then smaller. Have fun with this part. Have the family or friends help with the design process.
  6. Place the stems into the foam or straight into the fresh wet watermelon. They will stay as this is another water source.
  7. Insert the Steel Grass one stem at a time, encirciling the design, using the flower centers, the watermelon to secure them into place.
  8. Add some flowers in the container for added color and attraction.