Celebrate Order From My Boots To My Roots

by Tania Staps, Tastemaker in Residence

I missed last week. So I I thought I would join 2 words for this week. 


The first is celebrate...After celebrating our country's birthday on July 4th, I started thinking about all of the things we should 'celebrate' on a daily basis. Just the fact that I can walk to my car, the fact that I have a car. The little things we should celebrate everyday. 

On this journey, I celebrate the fact that I am not where I was, even just a month ago, or a week ago for that matter. In the past I looked at the whole situation, became so overwhelmed and just quit; this was my pattern for many years. So, I celebrate right now, how far I have come. 

Now, my second word for this week is order. 

I find that my house usually reflects my life. All I can say about that is, "Lord have mercy!" I am dealing with this particular part of my life by removing one bag of trash, or bin to the Goodwill at a time. I recently listened to an interview with Peter Walsh, and one of the things he said was, "Is this item or that item bringing you life?" That is one of the ways he suggests maintaining order in your life. Ask yourself that question and if the answer is no, Get Rid of IT!  His Youtube videos are great or pick up one of his books. The one that deals with clutter and weight is entitled- 'Does this clutter make my butt look fat?" Hilarious title, serious subject. He provides very practical advice in dealing with this subject. 

I really feel as if God himself told me that in order for the next chapter in my life to begin, I must get my house in order; both in the natural and spiritual realms. I know my home in the natural needs some help. I have purchased things I do not need and holding on to other things that I just need to let go of.  Who knows maybe if I really choose the healthiest things, the "things" I really want, will come to me. I want God to be at home in my house both in the natural and in the spiritual, and right now they both need order.

Order as a topic, will continue to surface from my Boots to My Roots, because it is important; not only for weight loss, but in general, order is always appreciated. 

I want to thank all who have read my posts and have supported me and prayed for me. I especially want to send a shout out to my lovely sister, Rachael. Thank you for loving me when I am sure I was unlovable. You are an amazing woman of God, wife, mother, daughter, niece and a great sister. I know you pray for me and I am the woman I am today in no small part, because of those prayers. 

Until next time...Celebrate Order!