Boundaries-Boots to My Roots-Wk# 7 & 8

by Tania Staps, Tastemaker in Residence

Well, I missed a couple of weeks because I did not follow the word that inspires this week's entry-Boundaries! In fact, because I have not yet learned the art of saying, "NO"; I have once again done everything but THE thing that is going to get me closer to my goal. 

As always, I get off to a really good start and then I fall of the train, put too much on my plate, and here we are at week 7 or 8 and I'm doing more for everyone else than I am doing for myself. This is a pattern that I pray God helps me to BREAK! 

So how do we create Boundaries? I believe this is an individual answer. However, for me it means letting my no BE NO, and my yes, BE YES! Because when you say no to something you are saying yes to something else, and visa versa. For example, when I say yes to a friend for dinner, when I clearly marked that time to exercise, I am in fact saying no to my health. Or working when I should be preparing my meals, or not going to sleep when I know I should. All of these are choices, that when made correctly, will clear a path to my goal. Until I make them a permanent part of my lifestyle, I'm crossing my own Boundaries. In other words, old habits die hard.  

Today, I am choosing to give myself a break, because I know it takes at least 90 days to form a new habit. The good news is I recognize theses patterns. So, I'll go back to a previous word, Consistency-this is how you form a new habit. 

My sincere prayer is, if any of you are struggling with this part of the journey, you will find the strength, as I must, to set healthy Boundaries for yourself. Then it won't seem like Boundaries keep you from doing anything that you really want to do, but rather they will be yet another key to freedom, because finally you, and ME, are putting ourselves first on our own list. 

We know that eating right, getting enough rest, and finally exercise are simply the 3 basic lifestyle changes and keys one must implement on this journey. I sometimes wish there was a magic pill, a shortcut , anything! What I know for sure is there is NOT. If there was Oprah would own the patent, and I am sure, give it away to people who struggle with obesity. So anytime someone tells me of a fad pill, diet, etc., I always ask, "has Oprah bought and patented it? If not, I'll Pass!" 

I do wish it were easier, and these past 2 weeks have been difficult. But I begin again, having learned a very important lesson, and I thank the Lord for the wisdom. 

Remember...taking care of yourself first is not selfish. Especially when you are making a lifestyle change. This type of SELF love will help you reach your goal and take you all the way to the finish line. 

This week I was reminded of the story of the famous race horse, Secretariat. He had everything he needed to become a champion, but when he started he was all over the race track, and could not get ahead. It wasn’t until the trainer put the blinders on that he was able to focus on THE only goal....the finish line.  This triple crown winner went on to be one the best race horses in history! All it took was someone to believe in him, give him some boundaries, teach him how to focus, and let him go! 

So, go get healthy! Until next time....